Quarterly Promotion Date Annoucement

The next USJA Judo Rank & Certification call will take place in April 2022. Promotion applications for Rokudan and above will be considered during this call.

This is not an automatic process. You must:

Rokudan – Judan

  • Be a current member of the USJA.
  • Have obtained the required age, time in grade, and promotion points for the rank being reviewed.
  • Have current Heads-Up, Safe Sport, Background Screen certifications posted on your profile on USJA.net.
  • Have all claimed USJA Certifications up to date and current.
  • To be considered you must submit the current version of the Request for Promotion (RFP) with appropriate signatures (electronic signatures are not valid)
  • Activity/Point Summary Log (Rokudan – Hachidan)
  • Processing fee
  • Judo biography & photo (passport type)
  • Any supporting documentation
  • Two written recommendations or the name and phone numbers for those high-ranking black belts that can speak on your behalf of your ongoing service and contributions to Judo. One of these individuals can attend the call as an Advocate and speak on your behalf if you would like. (Hachidan – Judan)

Your promotion packet must be sent to the National Office by February 18, 2022, to be considered during the April call.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Donna C. Turk

Chair, USJA Promotion Board

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