October 2021

September 2021 Promotion Board Committee News

USJA Judo ranks are a measure of a student’s achievement in Judo. They are a testimony of skill, knowledge, and sportsmanship, attained through diligent study, practice, tournament participation and devotion to Judo. Congratulations to the following: Recent Dan Promotions Calvin Robinson Jr. Shodan Tomodachi Judo Club Russell F. Beck Shodan Chikarakogeki Michael A. Tinker Shodan

Board of Directors USJA Election Announcement

Results are in! Congratulations to the five (5) newly elected Board Members who will officially take seat on October 15,2021 joining Celita Schutz and Ed Rodriquez on the Board. Election Committee Chairman, PhilippeMorotti provided a report with the election results below as provided to him from the independentelection company, Association Elections. USJA Board of Directors

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