September 2021 Promotion Board Committee News

USJA Judo ranks are a measure of a student’s achievement in Judo. They are a testimony of skill, knowledge, and sportsmanship, attained through diligent study, practice, tournament participation and devotion to Judo. Congratulations to the following:

Recent Dan Promotions

Calvin Robinson Jr.ShodanTomodachi Judo Club
Russell F. BeckShodanChikarakogeki
Michael A. TinkerShodanBuzzards Bay Judo & Jujitsu
Mark A. PlanteShodanBuzzards Bay Judo & Jujitsu
Antonio CardenasShodanYuma Judo Club
Alex Ray HenleyShodanInsight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Eduardo Salazar RochaNidanKino Judo Dojo
Eddie AvelarNidanGround Dwellers Judo
Destinee TartuffeYodanGood Time Judo
David ParrittHachidanSamurai Judo & Jujitsu

What can I do to continue to evolve or advance in Judo? You can go through the various certification programs for Coaching, Refereeing, and Kata. Become certified instructors for those programs and hold clinics in your region. If possible, travel to the various camps and assist with teaching the classes. The National Committees are constantly looking for “active” volunteers. There is so much work to be done and most of it can be done right in your dojo or home. Get involved! Get your students involved!

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