March 2023

February 2023 Promotion Board & CRE Committee News

Correction on December 2022 Dan Promotions: Dr. Anthony Albano Yodan Tomodachi Judo Club Herbert Rodriquez Yodan Tomodachi Judo Club Michael Korniczky Yodan Korniczky Family Judo Congratulations to the following February 2023 Dan promotions: Paul Rivera Sandan Bushido Dojo of Staten Island Benjamin Wilhelm Rothrock Sandan Greensboro Judo Club Kenneth C. Litoff Sandan Harrisburg Judo Kai […]

USJA/USJF Agreement

The Presidents of the USJA and USJF, with the assistance of their boards and staff, have signed a bilateral agreement of cooperation which includes the ability to attend each other’s tournaments and to accept each other’s ranks and certifications. Nothing changes in the relationship between USJA and USJF. We know that you have a multitude

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