February 2023 Promotion Board & CRE Committee News

Correction on December 2022 Dan Promotions:

Dr. Anthony AlbanoYodanTomodachi Judo Club
Herbert RodriquezYodanTomodachi Judo Club
Michael KorniczkyYodanKorniczky Family Judo

Congratulations to the following February 2023 Dan promotions:

Paul RiveraSandanBushido Dojo of Staten Island
Benjamin Wilhelm RothrockSandanGreensboro Judo Club
Kenneth C. LitoffSandanHarrisburg Judo Kai
Jerrod WilsonNidanEncino Judo Club
Adam K. StevensonNidanFox Valley Judo/Jujitsu Club WI
Christian HalbalNidanDai Nan Wan Ryu Judo and Jujitsu
Bijan ParsaNidanTomodachi Judo Club
Joseph James Earl Luciano               NidanChikarakogeki
Kristina BakerShodanShining Together Judo Club
Michael CarimShodanDento Teki Na Judo Jujitsu Dojo
Tyler Andrew MiltonShodanMakoto Kai Judo
Matthew ArellanoShodanTampa Florida Judo
Tomas Aguila SalgadoShodanKino Judo Dojo
Miguel E. AguilarShodanKino Judo Dojo
Brett C. HerrinShodanCarolinas American Judo Association
Raiden Vander HorckShodanMakoto Kai Judo

Certified Rank Examiner Program
For ranks above Sandan, if you are not currently a Certified Rank Examiner, go to the USJA.net site, download and complete the CRE Application & a mock Promotion Packet, forward to the National Office and someone from the CRE Committee will follow up with you on next steps. For additional information, logon to: USJA.net, Dashboard, Committees, CRE.

Quarterly Promotion Call
The 2023 Q3 USJA Judo Rank & Certification call will take place in July 2023. For Rokudan (6th dan) and above, your promotion packet must be sent to the National Office by June 1, 2023, to be considered.

USJA Judo Rank Promotion System – DO YOU KNOW?
Looking for the links for Background Screens, Safe Sport and Heads Up Concussion Training? Logon to USJA.net, go to your Dashboard, look for the Committees site on left side of your screen, drop down to CRE Committee, you will find the links to all three requirements at the bottom of that page.

Need help with Rank Promotions?
Reach out to your local CRE’s or the CRE Committee to assist with these situations and others. A list of CRE’s and their location are posted on USJA.net, Committees, CRE.

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