National Membership Services and Event Development Committee

The BOD are pleased to announce the formation of a new committee.

The National Membership Services and Event Development Committee will encompass many responsibilities to enhance and grow Judo and the USJA. These responsibilities will oversee the Regional Coordination Committee working with our members and clubs.  The National Membership Services and Event Development Committee will also promote activities such as but not limited to putting on tournaments and educational seminars and support those that our members are running. They will also work closely with all clubs nationally providing service and a vehicle of support. Linking certain committees will help service our club leaders allowing better service.

This committee will work with the Promotion Board, CRE, Communication, and other educational committees and others in a support role.

We have selected a highly qualified and well known person to head this important committee. Corinne Shigemoto has agreed to head this committee, an Alternate Olympian and elite athlete. She is a former Olympic coach holding a Seventh Dan (7D) in Judo. Her resume is quite extensive as is her many years of service for Judo. Corinne will be free to mold her committee as she is clearly focused on the future and the tasks at hand. Many of you have known and worked with Corinne for many years.

I will be overseeing this project and the formation of this newly defined committee. I will select several board members to assist. Not to run this committee but offer board support. She will be working with the existing committee members to ensure a smooth transition.

Please welcome Corinne; she will be a great addition to our team. 

She can be reached at  

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