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Former USJA President Jesse Jones Passes Away

This is from Nikki Jones, Jesse’s daughter – The Memorial Service for Jesse Jones will be held at 3:00 PM Sunday August 17th 2014 at The Bridge Church 38801 Calistoga Dr. in Murrieta, California. This is a change of date as originally announced… It is with great sadness we announced that Jesse Jones, 9th […]

Grassroots Judo™ Hawaii Nationals

The tournament held in Hawaii this past weekend was a rousing success with nearly 1,100 competitors.   This year marked the first time Senior and Masters were included. It was the third and final day of judo action at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena. Gary Goltz, President of the USJA, stated “we are considering renaming

Update from Reno, Senior Nationals

The USJA’s Board of Director’s recently attended a reception in Reno, NV in conjunction with the US Senior Nationals at which board members of all three national judo organizations were invited.  It was the first time that a gathering of this kind was ever held.  On hand was 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Kayla Harrison.  

Karl Geis Promoted to Judan then Peacefully Passes Away

For Immediate Release 3-13-14 The United States Judo Association promoted Karl Geis to Judan (10th degree black belt) at a presentation in his Houston dojo on March 12th, 2014. Geis is one of the founding fathers of the USJA and has trained hundreds of judo leaders throughout United States including several Olympians in his over 60

USJA’s Development Committee

We are please to announce the re-launch of the USJA’s Development Committee.  The mission of the USJA’s Development Committee is to build stronger communities and better people through the discipline, physical conditioning, focus and ethical values learned in judo. Goals and activities of the USJA development program are aimed at making these quality programs available

IJF Referee Rules Update

USA Judo Referee Commission Chairman, Robert Fukuda has requested that this document be distributed to all US Referees. IJF Referee Rules 2014 Update IJF YouTube Video 2014 New Rules Ralph Palmer Assistant to the Chairman USA Judo Referee Commission

Triad Sanction Announcement

…A Message from the Presidents of the USJF, USJA, and USA Judo Mr. Kevin Asano, Mr. Gary Goltz, and Mr. Lance Nading September 16, 2013 Since the beginning of this year we have been diligently accessing and reviewing the changes in the IJF rules governing judo tournaments and how that has affected our joint sanctioning

New USJA Black Belt Rank Card

New USJA Black Belt Rank Card Price: $25.00, valid for 4 years Eligibility: Must be a current active USJA Black Belt rank member Current cleared background check Ordering:  USJA Store:  Black Belt Judo Rank Card Email: Phone: 877-411-3409 Fax: 888-276-3432 Be sure to include a photo jpg

IJF Rules Modifications for 2013

Here is the document that was prepared by USA Judo Referee Commission and USA Judo High Performance based on the rule changes meetings held in Mexico City 1/26 & 1/27/13 along with the link to the IJF videos: IJF Refereeing & Competition 2013 Rules Modifications  IJF Refereeing & Competition 2013 Rules Video Examples IJF Refereeing & Competition2013

USJA’s Official Facebook Page

We are please to announce the USJA’s Official Facebook Group Facebook has always been a great place to share information. With the launching of our USJA Facebook Group we have made it easier for our members to keep up with our latest news and interact with each other. We also strongly urge everyone to sign-up for the USJA’s

All American Membership

We are proud to announce that the leaderships of the United States Judo Association (USJA), the United States Judo Federation (USJF) and USA Judo, are now delivering on our promise of furthering the working relationship of our organizations by announcing an unprecedented membership program, The All American Membership. Below is an excerpt of an email

USJA Team Travel Policy

We are would like to announce that the United States Judo Association has adopted a Team Travel Policy for Club Leaders and Coaches Traveling with minor players (under 18). Thank you, Mike Goldsmith, JD USJA Legal Counsel / Standards & Ethics Committee Chair

Kodokan Rank Recognition

The US Kodokan Committee offers USJA dan holders the opportunity to apply for Kodokan rank recognition. The procedures and requirements are outlined on the links below. Overview Letter Kodokan Application Kodokan Rank Requirements Kodokan Rank Instructions Kodokan Rank Information  

USJA and USJF Form Joint Archivist Committee

USJA and USJF have recently undertaken a joint venture regarding the Archivist Committee. Our goal is to preserve judo history in the United States in one location. Each organization will maintain possession of its own assets while sharing them on one website. Our current inventory is approximately 145,000 pages of judo historical documents, but there

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