USJA’s Development Committee

We are please to announce the re-launch of the USJA’s Development Committee.  The mission of the USJA’s Development Committee is to build stronger communities and better people through the discipline, physical conditioning, focus and ethical values learned in judo. Goals and activities of the USJA development program are aimed at making these quality programs available throughout America. The committee members are very dedicated individuals from USJA Judo clubs all across the country. They include:

David Goodwin – Chair, Bushido Dojo of Staten Island

Brian Money – Vice Chair, Riverside Youth Judo Club P.A.L.

Marshall Coffman – Member, Budokan Judo Club

Gary Gucciano – Member, Ikikata Judo Club

Sanders Ishisaka – Member, Industry Sheriffs PAL

Bob Rush – Member, CEM Judo

Mark Tamulionis, CPA – Member, Kodokan of Cape Coral

These members are here to help USJA students, and coaches in their quests in developing Judo programs and students. I would like to thank these seven gentlemen for all their ideas and efforts.

For the past several months we have been creating a “first step” plan to help develop Judo programs and students.  We are proudly ready to present the USJA Development Fund. We are in the beginning stages of a fund that will grow and grow with the focus to add some financial assistance for various Judo events, clinics, activities, guidance, and general club and student development.

On the USJA website, click on Committees and then scroll down to Development;

There you can also download the Funding Application Form;

Development Fund Application Form

We also are asking club leaders, tournament hosts, and everyone to donate to the USJA’s Development Fund.

Please let the committee know your suggestions, thanks.

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