March 2022 Promotion Board & CRE Committee News

USJA Judo ranks are a measure of a student’s achievement in Judo. They are a testimony of skill, knowledge, and sportsmanship, attained through diligent study, practice, tournament participation and devotion to Judo. Congratulations to the following February 2022 promotions:

Recent Dan Promotions

Bryan KilanShodanEmerald City Judo
Abner Gabriel De Oliveria CamposShodanEmerald City Judo
Shawn T. HaleShodanToshi Dojo
Joshua A. MontemayorShodan Toshi Dojo
Daniel BraunNidanHudson Valley Judo Club
James ParkNidanJudo Dojo Yukidaruma
Brian ButlerNidanArmstrong County Judo Club
Paul E. HabenSandanInochi Judo
Ryan SchieboutSandanSOHK Judo Club

Certified Rank Examiner Program – Update

The Certified Rank Examiner Program is up and running. There was an error in the announcement going out to all blackbelts concerning promotion points for CRE certification. USJA will maintain points for certification and annual points, but the individual sign-off points have been eliminated.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Rank Examiner, complete the CRE Application and forward to the National Office. All levels of CRE are now required to renew their certification every four years. Be sure that your USJA Membership, Chartered Club Membership, Background Screening, CDC Heads Up and Safe Sport are all current. For additional information, logon to:, Dashboard, Committees, CRE.

USJA Judo Rank Promotion System – DO YOU KNOW?

You can only use the on-line promotion option for juniors and kyu grades. You cannot use it for Dan ranks.

Claiming Promotion Points for Refereeing, Coaching & Certifications (You must be ACTIVE):

  • Refereeing or Judging – Local & Regional Referees & Judges must referee or judge in at least three (3) Local, Regional or above tournaments per year to claim points.
  • Coaching Champions – You are required to have a valid Coaching Certification to claim points for Coaching Champions.
  • Certifications – You are required to be an ACTIVE member on an annual basis to claim points. Example: If you are certified as a CRE, you must test/certify at least one blackbelt per year to claim points.

Background Screens are on-line only now. You cannot submit a BGS paper form.

If you have lost or forgotten your sign-on to, contact the USJA National Office and they will assist you with retrieving your username and password.

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