Membership Incentives

We are pleased to announce that the USJA Board of Directors has decided to kick start the new year by offering our Life Membership which normally sells for $400 for $250. This will include our newly released highly sought after USJA Judo Technical Manual and Study Guide with Senior Rank Promotion System which sells for $50 with shipping. The offer will be valid till March 31st of this year.

We have also just approved these additional ongoing membership incentives:

  • $35.00 per year Annual Membership Fee for Active Duty Military and Reservist / Guardsmen on Active Duty for Operational Support
  •  A Multi-Year Annual Membership Discount of:
    • 2 year 10% off (2nd year $95) = $95
    • 3 year 10% off (2nd 15% off 3rd $137) = $137
    • 4 year 10% off (2nd 15% off 3rd 20% off 4th) = $177
  • A SLM (Sustaining Life Membership) Multi-Year Discount of:
    • 2 Year $57
    • 3 Year $82
    • 4 year $105

These incentives as well as the Life Membership Special are all effective immediately.

Thank you for your continue support!

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