Gym Mitigation and Survival (GYMS) Act

Judo Entities, United States Judo Association, USA Judo, and US Judo Federation

Dear USA Judo, US Judo Association and US Judo Federation Members,

On behalf of the American Judo Alliance Presidents, we are contacting all of our members to request their urgent support of the Gym Mitigation and Survival (GYMS) Act. This legislation would support dojos, gyms and clubs across the United States who have been decimated due to mandatory closures as a result of the COVID Pandemic.

If passed, the GYMS Act will create a $30 billion fund to provide grants to affected businesses in the health and fitness industry. The fund would cap initial grant amounts at 45% of the facility’s 2019 revenue—or $20 million, whichever is less. Health and fitness businesses considered severely impacted—with revenues of only 33% or less in the most recent quarter as compared to 2019—would be eligible for a supplemental grant, of up to 25% of their initial grant. The most an eligible business and its affiliates could receive is $25 million. A few expenses the grant would cover include:

  • payroll costs,
  • rent or mortgage payments, including interest,
  • utilities,
  • interest on debt accrued before February 15, 2020,
  • taxes,
  • payments required for insurance on any insurance policy,
  • costs required under any State, local, or Federal law or guideline related to social distancing,
  • and more.

The passing of this legislation would not only support small businesses throughout the United States, but it would also make a major impact on American dojos and the pipeline of amateur sport in our great nation. AJA Organizations earn most of their revenue from membership which comes from the many clubs and dojos we have throughout the United States. Without the survival of these dojos, not only will revenues for all be reduced, but the entire ecosystem to grow Judo will be severely impacted for years to come.

We request your support by contacting your US Congressional State Representatives in support of this bill. The following link makes it extremely easy for you to do so in 2-3 clicks:


Thank you for your attention and action toward this important matter.

Yours in AMERICAN Judo,



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