CRE & Rank Promotion Changes

All CRE’s,

After receiving suggestions from our membership and updates from various committees, we are excited to be releasing the new “United States Judo Association Judo Rank Promotion System – Judo Manual, 11th Edition”.

To continue to be the leading Judo association in the United States and remain competitive with the other judo organizations, we are making a few major changes to our promotion process. We believe our black belts are more than qualified to evaluate and promote the students within their clubs. Therefore, we have eliminated the CRE program as of October 2020 and all certified USJA blackbelts will have the authority to promote any active Junior or Senior Kyu USJA member, up to one rank below their own. Example: Shodan can evaluate and promote any active Junior or Senior Kyu USJA member up to the rank of Ikkyu. We also believe that our certified USJA blackbelts are qualified to evaluate and recommend for promotion any Shodan – Godan, up to one rank below theirs.  (Refer to page 79, Rank Table: Dan Rank Age, TIG Points, Rank and Number of Sign off Required). We are excited to announce thatUSJA will also be eliminating the promotion fees for all Junior and Senior Rokkyu-Ikkyu promotions. (Refer to pages 143-148, Entering Junior and Senior KYU Promotions.) Please review the Summary of Changes below.


1. All references to the USJA Certified Rank Examiner Program were removed effective 21 October 2020.

Implementing Instructions for Current USJA CREs

For all USJA CREs who were certified at any CRE level prior to 16 February 2018, those members may enter their USJA CRE activities on their USJA Judo Activity Log and earn CRE Points upon certifying, Points/year, and points for each RFP sign off activities up to and including October 2020.

With the exception of earning points for each RFP sign off, all USJA members who were certified as a CRE at any level during the period of 16 February 2018 to 1 November 2020, may claim CRE “Points upon certifying” and “Points/year” promotion points beginning on their date of certification, ending two years after that date (i.e., if certified on 1 January 2020 the ending date would be 31 December 2021). For RFP sign off activities, only those RFP sign off activities that occurred prior to 1 November 2020 may be entered on the member’s Judo Activity Log with earned points.

Points upon certifying Points/Year
Certified Rank Examiner 2 1
Regional Certified Rank Examiner 6 3
National Rank Examiner 8 4
Master Rank Examiner 10 5
Each RFP sign off

2. The Regional Coordinator was added as a point of contact if a USJA member had any questions concerning the required paperwork and documentation for promotions. The Regional Coordinators are a separate committee under the USJA (see

We would like to thank all the CRE’s for their work with the various clubs in assisting our Instructor’s and Coaches with the promotions for their students.

Donna C. Turk

USJA Promotion Board Chairperson

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