December 2021 Promotion Board Committee News

USJA Judo ranks are a measure of a student’s achievement in Judo. They are a testimony of skill, knowledge, and sportsmanship, attained through diligent study, practice, tournament participation and devotion to Judo. Congratulations to the following November promotions:

Recent Dan Promotions

Shawn Allen WheeleShodanKonjo Dojo
Ismael Jesus MercadoShodanGoltz Judo
Clark A. DrizShodanSouthside Judo & Jujitsu School
Roger WalkerShodanSOHK Judo Club
Ricky HerndonNidanSamurai Judo Association
Luis Alfonso RodriquezNidanGatos Salvajes
Michael GoldsmithGodanNassau County PAL Judo Club

Certified Rank Examiner Program

We plan to reinstate the Certified Rank Examiner Program in 2022! If you are interested in becoming a Certified Rank Examiner, look for additional details in the next few months. In the meantime, make sure your USJA Membership, Chartered Club Membership, Background Screening, CDC Heads Up and Safe Sport are all current.

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