The American Judo Development Model

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, in partnership with the National Governing Bodies, created the American Development Model in 2014 to help Americans realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle. The model utilizes long-term athlete development and quality coaching concepts to promote sustained physical activity, athlete safety and age-appropriate development with the aim of creating a positive experience for American athletes across all levels of sport.

The American Judo Alliance, consisting of USA Judo, the US Judo Association and the US Judo Federation, modified the ADM concept to create the American Judo Development Model (AJDM); a pathway to human and Judo excellence that is two-fold: age-based and skill-based. The skill-based advancement levels can accommodate entry to the sport at any age. However, the age-based Stage Model represents the core focus of the AJDM framework.

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